Built with Drupal 8

By Tim Erickson
Posted October 2, 2016
An image saying "built with Drupal 8"

This website is about a couple of things. 

  1. I'm currently looking for work/projects and I need a portfolio site. 
  2. While looking for work, I've engaged in this absurd challenge of trying to bicycle every street in the city of Saint Paul, 865 miles of streets.
  3. I'm looking for a reason to play around with Drupal 8 and this site was built with Drupal 8.

I should say, this site is being built with Drupal 8, because it's very much a work in progress. I needed to get something up quick. 

I've been looking at Drupal 8 for several years at code sprints and meet-ups. However, this is the first serious site I've built with Drupal 8 since it's official launch. 

I've been a little slow to embrace Drupal 8, mostly because I've gotten pretty good at Drupal 7 and needed to find the time and excuse to make the necessary changes in my workflow and start experimenting. I've also been uncertain about the availability of all my favorite modules. And finally, I've been waiting for the right project.

So far things are going well. Most of the modules I've needed are available, although some are not 100% stabile. The issues with work flow went smoother than expected, although I'm needing to make adjustments. Finally, from a site building experience, much of what I learned in Drupal 7 carries over to Drupal 8. The biggest changes are going to come as I dig deeper into front end development and theming.

I hope to use this blog to document some of what I'm learning and to serve as a resource for those who come after me.