DrupalCon Baltimore??

By Tim Erickson
Posted April 8, 2017
Screen shot from DrupalCon page

Just a quick update to let friends and colleagues know that I'm unlikely to make it to Baltimore this year for DrupalCon. I'm pretty disappointed, having made it to the last 3 US DrupalCons (Austin, LA, and New Orleans). But, business has been too slow lately for me to justify the trip. 

I'm holding out some hope that I can sign another contract in the next two weeks, which might provide the cash flow I need to get to Baltimore. 

For me, DrupalCon is about community events, networking, and feeling connected to the Drupal project. I can watch the sessions online, but there is nowhere but DrupalCon where I can meet face to face with so many friends in the Drupal project from around the world. 

It will be especially painful to miss DrupalCon, given the current drama in the Drupal community. I'm very interested in contributing to discussions and trying to help the Drupal community heal and find it's way forward. Watching these discussions from a distance will be hard. 

If you have any leads on Drupal projects, please send them my way. If I can wrangle even a small project, it might be enough to put me over the edge and on my way. I have a lead on a free place to stay for the week, so I just need enough for a DrupalCon ticket and airfare. 

Update: (April 9th, 2017) - I just got my hands on a ticket to DrupalCon. I will be going. See you there.