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Posted January 15, 2017
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I’m looking to find a few folks at a similar skill level as myself and an interest in participating in a remote Javascript study group. To give you a better sense of my skill level, here is a little background on where I am at. 

I’ve dabbled in using Javascript for web development for a long time. I did a basic Code Academy Javascript class a while back and sporadically watch a few videos. But, I’ve never been comfortable calling myself a Javascript developer or even claiming a solid understanding of the language. Each time I encounter Javascript, I google the specifics of what I need and hack together the minimal amount of code to accomplish my goal at the time. 

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been making an effort to study and practice Javascript and bring myself to a point, where I can comfortably claim an understanding of the language and a level of proficiency in using it. Some of the resources that I’ve used over the last few weeks include.

  • - My friend Marc Drummond shared this resource with me, which really started this latest Javascript learning binge. 
  • - I have free access to through my local library system and find their videos useful. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve sat through anywhere from 8-10 hours of their Javascript videos.
  • - I listened to a couple of episodes of the Javascript Jabber podcast, including episode #219 “Learning Javascript.” During this episode there are some comments on the importance of reading books that actually cover the fundamentals of a language - rather than just recipes on how to do “x,” along with some suggestions of good books to read.
  • - The above mentioned “Learning Javascript” podcast, recommended the “You Don’t Know Javascript” series of books by Kyle Simpson. These books really focus on the fundamentals of how Javascript works. I’m currently working on the second volume in this series. 
  • - Here is one online book that I’ve begun to work my way through and found pretty useful. I’ve read a couple of chapters and enjoyed some of the exercises included. 

Here is an example of a practice project that will give you some idea of my skill level. I created this slideshow using pure vanilla Javascript and CSS. I’d love to have someone go through the code with me and offer comments and suggestions.

Some ideas for what the Study Group would involve:

  1. A github page for communication and sharing of resources
  2. An opportunity for study group members to share and review each others code using GitHub and occasionally during LIVE Google Hangout Sessions
  3. Working on practice projects individually and sharing results or working on more complicated projects collaboratively?
  4. Personally, I’m envisioning this as 1-3 month initiative. Ultimately, the group will probably last as long as it is useful to it’s members.
  5. Other..... (what would you like to do)?

For more information or to sign up: