Chalkboard Commons

By Tim Erickson
Posted October 8, 2016

Chalkboard Commons is a family run public benefit corporation whose goals are to promote and encourage community based learning.  The goal of the site is to serve as a hub for locally based learning opportunities and to encourage individuals, organizations, and small businesses to share their knowledge through classes, seminars, workshops, mentoring, and other educational activities. 

Some of the site features:

  1. Organizations or businesses can create "learning hubs" on the site and offer educational opportunities. 
  2. Users are able to post ideas of things they would like to learn and comment on the ideas of others. 
  3. Ideas can be promoted to opportunities. 
  4. Internal messaging system for users to communicate with each other. 
  5. Small businesses can "sponsor" offerings posted by other users

While working for Triplo LLC, I consulted with the client as we defined the requirements and scope of the project. I supervised the development of the site, working with a team of 2-3 developers, and was deeply involved in the configuration and theming of the site.