My Favorite Meeting Place

By Tim Erickson
Posted October 9, 2016

In the spring of 2016, I joined a team at GeoCode 2.0 a public hack-a-thon sponsored by Open Twin Cities and a number of other local organizations. GeoCode 2.0 was designed to "bring people together to solve problems using the tools of technology in the shared geography of the place in which we all live."

I joined a team of 5 individuals that worked on project to create a database of public and private meeting places in the Twin Cities. Intended to server non-profits and community groups, the focus was on locating free or inexpensive locations available for meetings. We hacked together a working prototype over a weekend and then continued to work for several months to build up the database and improve the usability of the site. I did most of the work on constructing the infrastructure for the site, using Drupal 7.

The team has grown inactive over recent months, but there has been some talk of resuming our work sometime in the near future.